Wild local animals and local vegetation (INFANTIL)


It is known that children are more knowledgeable about rainforest than about local animals, plants, bushes and trees. For this reason, this academic year our plurinfantil project is about local animals and local vegetation.

First of all, we classified animals. There were animal pictures in a bag, we passed round the bag and we were classifing them: local animals and animlas from other places.

 Then, we began to realice what animals are around us.

The first animal, we focused on it, was WILDBOAR

We watched some videos that were recorded by Mercedes at night, for this reason, wilboars are noctural animals

 Adult and baby wildboars are different. The main differences are:

    Adult wildboar are bigger than baby wildboar.

–          Adults are blackish and babies are brownish with white stripes.

        Adults have tusks (2 small and  2 big)

Wildboars eat chesnuts, insects, maize, acorns…

It is very important to recognize wildboar footprints. If we go for a walk, we won´t to see a wilboar because  wildboars are sleeping in the daytime, but we can know where wildboars are.

We identified wildboar sounds, and painted a mural.

The first tree, we studied, was CHESNUT TREE

Before testing if chestnut leaves are smooth or rough, we had to play a game to know the difference between these characteristics.

Then, we confirmed that chesnut leaves are smooth and its margin is serrated. And we painted them in different ways

The second animal, we focused on it, was a bird: JAY

It is a diurnal animal and we watched videos that tested it.

We touched some feathers that Mercedes found in the forest. They are smooth, black, white, brown and blue.

Jays eat: insects, seeds, fruits, chestnuts, acorn… When they are full, they cover seeds, nuts, dried fruits… but they forget it and a new tree grows.

Jays have a strong peak and they emit different sounds. Test it!


We did some home-made jay puzzles:

Even, we found jay images in a book.

And the third animal was CRAB.




 To start with it, we watched a video recorded by Mercedes at the Magdalena market. In this video, his sister shows us the main parts of a crab.

Then, we touched these parts and did a huge home-made crab.

And last, but not least, we centred in a bush: BLACKBERRY BUSH.


blackberry bush, and we had to focus on the prickles.

It´s necessary  to prune it because it is a climbing bush.

And we stamped blackberries with corks.